Wild Salmon and Steelhead

When you support Wild Salmon and Steelhead, you help us do everything we can to bring these keystone species back from the brink of extinction.
Original oil painting by Rachel Teannalach.

About the Campaign

Wild salmon and steelhead once filled Pacific Northwest streams as they migrated from the ocean to their spawning grounds in the Columbia River Basinsome traveling as far as 900-miles up the Snake and Salmon Rivers to Idaho’s Redfish Lake and Sawtooth Valley to spawn.

Decimated by dams, water withdrawals, and other human impacts, these wild fish populations have declined by over 90% and now face the threat of extinction. In 2017, only 11 sockeye salmon survived the journey back to the Stanley Basin.

Advocates for the West has long fought to protect salmon and steelhead from livestock grazing, mining, water withdrawals, and diversion dams. Now, we are challenging the EPAs’ failure to protect wild migrating fish from deadly warm water created by dams. We are spearheading efforts to force the Army Corps of Engineers and Bonneville Power Administration to face the truth – we are watching an unprecedented extinction crisis unfold. The four deadbeat dams on the Lower Snake River must be removed.

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