Advocates for the West is a public interest, nonprofit environmental law firm that protects and defends the West’s public lands, water, fish, and wildlife. With staff located across the West, we provide free legal services to conservation organizations, Native American Tribes, and concerned citizens in all 11 western states.

Founded in 2003, our team is nimble and effective. We consistently win or favorably settle 85% of our cases.

Advocates for the West is a proven performer in the federal court of law, defending bedrock environmental statutes and conservation values treasured by Americans across the nation yet deeply threatened by a powerful few. Our mission is to win for the American West — protecting it now, and into the future.

Advocates for the West provides nimble, strategic, and professional legal support for threatened and often under-represented ecosystems and species — always looking for a breaking opportunity, yet steadfastly focused on long-term priorities.

From sage-grouse to salmon, our legal team gives voice to the fish and wildlife that make our public lands and waterways far richer than the extraordinary scenery they hold. And we protect the precious places these native species call home.