Salmon River

By supporting the Salmon River, you are helping Advocates for the West protect and restore one of the West’s most important remaining free-flowing rivers.
Original oil painting by Rachel Teannalach.

About the Campaign

Widely known as The River of No Return, Idaho’s Salmon River is one of the longest undammed rivers in the United States. The Middle and Main Forks flow through the rugged Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness and are federally protected as Wild & Scenic Rivers.

The Salmon River is a world-renowned destination for whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking, and fishing. It also historically produced nearly half of all steelhead and Chinook salmon in the Columbia River Basin. The Salmon River and its tributaries contain almost 70% of the remaining salmon and steelhead habitat in the entire Basin, and the East Fork is home to some of the most pristine remaining spawning grounds for these endangered fish.

Despite its critical importance to the survival of salmon and steelhead, and the significant economic benefit it provides via the recreation industry, the Salmon River faces many threats. Advocates for the West has won and continues to fight numerous cases protecting the Salmon River and its tributaries from destructive mining operations, habitat degradation caused by livestock grazing, dewatering from diversion dams, and more.  


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