National Monuments and Conservation Areas

By supporting this work, you become a part of Advocates for the West’s fight to save the West’s irreplaceable National Monuments and conservation areas.
Original oil painting by Rachel Teannalach.

About the Campaign

President Trump and Secretary Zinke are targeting our National Monuments for oil and gas development, coal mines and other resource intensive uses, eliminating protections for over 85% of Bears Ears National Monument and over half of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments. We are bringing our legal skills to this fight, providing legal counsel and representation to the Conservation Lands Foundation and its network of 60+ “Friends” groups devoted to protecting National Monuments across the West.

Our wild landscapes are also under attack. We are working to halt construction of a highway through Utah’s Red Cliffs and Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area, stop oil and gas leasing within the shadow of Bears Ears, and leading other fights to defend our national treasures. Punching in a road, drilling an oil well, or fracking these beautiful landscapes threaten our use and enjoyment of these special places, and undermines the statutory obligation to “conserve, protect, and enhance for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations the ecological, scenic, wildlife, recreation, cultural, historical, natural, educational, and scientific resources of the NCA; and to protect listed threatened or endangered species.”

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