Separate, but still together

18th of Mar 2020

Dear Advocates for the West friends and colleagues,

During these unprecedented times, our thoughts and prayers are with you and our global community.

Advocates for the West is well prepared to weather the storm. But we are only as strong as our staff, supporters, and clients. Thus, we will continue doing everything we can to support and protect each other and our communities.

As our staff adjust to physical separation and routine disruption, Advocates for the West will continue to champion and defend the West’s public lands, water, and wildlife. While courts are now or will be physically closing for in-person hearings, our cases press on virtually. We are engaged as ever with our clients, and together we continue fighting to protect the irreplaceable landscapes and native species that make the West so beautiful and unique.

Our communications may be quieter than usual in the coming months as we allow our communities to take refuge and discover a new normal. But we would love to hear from you, our fierce supporters and partners, about how you’re doing or how we can inspire and support you during these uncertain times.

Find comfort where you can, enjoy the beauty of spring, and keep compassion for each other at the forefront. 

With heart,

Laird J. Lucas
Executive Director