Climate Mapping for a More Resilient West

September 29, 2021


Advocates for the West is excited to announce the return of our monthly webinar series. We are shedding the past by leaving behind the name Social Distancing Hour and calling our rebooted program Voices for the West. We have reimagined this online event to not only inform you of our critical ongoing casework, but to also include opportunities for our partners in conservation and individual activists to share their important work with you.

We are thrilled to be rejoining you online this month with a special presentation from our partner, Conservation Lands Foundation. It is an honor to work with this powerhouse environmental group, and we look forward to sharing their climate mapping work with you. Read a detailed description below, and join us next week! We look forward to seeing you online. 


A presentation by Conservation Lands Foundation and Advocates for the West

To mitigate the impacts of climate change and stem the loss of biodiversity, scientists have recommended substantial increases in the amount of protected land area, leading to calls for ambitious new protection targets including the Biden Administration’s recent commitment to protecting 30% of lands in the United States by 2030. Achieving these ambitious targets will require protecting millions of acres of public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the US Forest Service (USFS), two of the largest land management agencies in the nation. However, prioritizing which acres of public land to protect remains a considerable challenge.
To address this challenge, Conservation Lands Foundation (CLF) integrated multiple spatial data layers on key ecological and environmental variables into a set of three model-based indices, with each index providing a coherent measure of conservation value that was designed to be as interpretable as possible. The three indices and underlying spatial variables were specified in close collaboration with project partners and stakeholders, with the goal of leveraging the best available science to meet diverse resource management and policy-making needs.
Join CLF’s Senior Legal & Policy Director, Danielle Murray, for a detailed look at this critical climate mapping work. Advocates for the West’s Senior Attorney Todd Tucci will facilitate the presentation to provide context on how this mapping tool can benefit our legal work. Danielle will walk us through the open-access, web-based tool created by CLF to help managers, planners, decision makers, and others examine the estimated conservation value of a given location, along with the ecological and environmental variables driving that value. CLF’s hope is that this tool will be useful in guiding the prioritization of landscapes for new protections across the West.