Wildlife Services FOIAs

Wildlife Services FOIAs

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Wildlife Services FOIAs


Western Watersheds Project

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Idaho Wildlife


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Advocates for the West is helping our client Western Watersheds Project keep an eye on the notorious wildlife-killing agency, Wildlife Services.

The agency kills thousands of animals around the West every year.  In 2012, the agency killed over 3,000 coyotes in Idaho alone. The methods used include cruel and dangerous ones, such as foot-hold traps, and M-44 cyanide capsules.  This article highlights the cruelty and danger of such methods.

Other animals Wildlife Services frequently kills include badgers, beavers, skunks, and raccoons.

Staff Attorney Kristin Ruether has filed a series of Freedom of Information Act requests to Wildlife Services to learn more about its activities in Idaho and their effectiveness and environmental impacts.

Advocates for the West and our clients believe it is of the utmost importance to let the sunshine in on Wildlife Service’s killing practices.