Sawtooth Wolves

Sawtooth Wolves

Current Status:

Date Filed:
Jun 13, 2002

Case Title:
Western Watersheds Project and Idaho Conservation League v. Sawtooth National Forest, Bill Levere, and U.S. Forest Service

Staff attorney(s):
Laird J. Lucas
Laurie Rule


Western Watersheds Project

Idaho Conservation League

To Protect:


Date won/settled:
June 13, 2002


Case Information:

Advocates for the West bring this case forward to address the issue of grazing in the Sawtooth National Recreational Area (SNRA). We represented Idaho Conservation League who argued that the U.S. National Forest Service failed to do a proper environmental analysis on the effect grazing would have to the wolf population in the SNRA.

The Forest Service has permitted almost 5,000 sheep and 2,500 cattle to graze 28 allotments of the SNRA. Gray wolves were reintroduced to Idaho in 1996 and since then the Forest Service has not done an assessment of grazing on wolves under NEPA or the Organic Act. ICL brought this case forward to compel the Forest Service to do that analysis.

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