North Fork Malheur Grazing

North Fork Malheur Grazing

Current Status:

Date Filed:
May 13, 2008

Case Title:
Oregon Natural Desert Association and Western Watersheds Project v. Pat Ryan, Dave Henderson, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of the Interior


Western Watersheds Project

Oregon Natural Desert Association

To Protect:

Greater Sage Grouse
Redband Trout

Date won/settled:
May 13, 2008


Case Information:

This case challenges BLM’s recent decision to continue allowing excessive livestock grazing on 237,000 acres of public lands in the North Fork Malheur watershed of eastern Oregon.

BLM admits that grazing has harmed sage grouse, fish, and native plants; but rather than address the cause of the problem, BLM proposes to construct dozens of miles of new fences, develop numerous springs, and burn or log juniper — including in citizen proposed wilderness areas and key sage grouse habitat.

We are co-counseling this case with attorneys from the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA).

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