Micron Water Right Protest

Micron Water Right Protest

Current Status:

Date Filed:
Dec 23, 2019

Case Title:
Advocates for the West, Charles McDevitt, and Idaho Department of Water Resources protest on behalf of Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands

Staff attorney(s):
Laird J. Lucas
Bryan Hurlbutt


Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands

To Protect:

Aquatic habitat


Case Information:

December 23, 2019 – Advocates for the West teamed up with former Idaho Supreme Court chief justice Charles McDevitt to file an administrative protest with the Idaho Dept. of Water Resources of behalf of the Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands (IFPL), objecting to a proposed new water right sought by Micron Corp. to divert up to 12 cfs from the Boise River at their pump station near the Highway 21 bridge.  The station is just above Barber Pool, which provides important habitat for native birds, fish and other wildlife along the Boise River. Our concern is that Micron will diminish “flood flows” in the Boise River that will harm black cottonwood regeneration and other values of the Barber Pool, which IPFL (and McDevitt personally) worked to establish some 40 years ago.