In Defense of Animals and Craig Downer v. BLM

In Defense of Animals and Craig Downer v. BLM

Current Status:

Date Filed:
Jul 8, 2010

Case Title:
In Defense of Animals & Craig Downer v. Bureau of Land Management

Staff attorney(s):
Todd Tucci


In Defense of Animals

To Protect:

Wild horses


Case Information:

This case challenges a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decision to roundup and remove nearly all of the wild free-roaming horses within three horse areas in northeastern Nevada. BLM claims that it needs to remove these horses because they are overgrazing the public lands, although BLM’s own documents show that cows – and not wild horses – are causing the degradation of public lands.

Under the Wild Horse and Burro Act, BLM’s roundup is unauthorized and unlawful, because BLM has failed to identify an appropriate level of horses given the current range conditions, and, thus, cannot remove any horses.

Advocates Senior Staff Attorney Todd Tucci is representing clients In Defense of Animals and Craig Downer in this Administrative Appeal before the Interior Board of Land Appeals.

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