Bighorn National Forest Plan

Bighorn National Forest Plan

Current Status:

Case Title:
WWP v. US Forest Service, No. 2:07-cv-323-CB (D. Wyoming)

Staff attorney(s):
Laird J. Lucas


Western Watersheds Project

To Protect:

Bighorn Sheep



Sheridan Press covers Bighorn National Forest ligigation

The July 30th edition of the Sheridan Press covers the Bighorn National Forest litigation quoting Advocates’ attorney Natalie Havlina.  You can find the article in the linked PDF.  Look for the article on the first page in the upper left and continued onto the second page.

Case Information:

The Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming has only a relic population of bighorn sheep, which die when they come into contact with domestic sheep grazing on the public lands.  Yet the Forest Service continues to authorize sheep grazing in bighorn habitat, and did not evaluate grazing alternatives to the status quo when it recently revised the Bighorn Forest Plan.

Neither did the Forest Service examine any grazing alternatives to protect streams, meadows, and soils of the Bighorn National Forest.  Even though forest plans will set management direction for decades into the future — and even though the Forest Service has abundantly documented the harm that livestock grazing causes to the public lands and streams — the agency simply approved existing grazing levels into the future.

This case thus challenges the Forest Service’s recent approval of the revised Bighorn National Forest plan as violating the National Environmental Policy Act and Forest Service regulations.