Boise River

When you support the Boise River, you help Advocates for the West take on these threats and fight for a clean, safe and healthy river.
Original oil painting by Rachel Teannalach.

About the Campaign

The Boise River is the lifeblood of the City of Boise and the entire Treasure Valley. It supplies drinking water, feeds wooded areas and preserves, supports a robust fishing community, and provides numerous water sport activities for residents and visitors.

But just upstream in the river’s headwaters, a Canadian mining company called American CuMo is threatening to develop the largest open pit molybdenum mine in the world. Lawsuits brought by Advocates for the West have stopped CuMo from moving forward twice so far, but CuMo’s proposal is back on the table and could be approved as soon as this year. Several other mines, plus agricultural operations and motor waste wells, also endanger the river’s water quality.

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