15 for the West

15 Years • 15 Causes • $15,000 Each

As we celebrate 15 years of winning for the West, Advocates for the West is looking to the future, and we need your help with 15 pressing causes.

We must raise $15,000 for each special cause so we can protect the West’s natural treasures and wildlife for another 15 years.

With your help, we will keep winning for the West – 
now, and into the future.


When you support the Boise River, you help Advocates for the West take on these threats and fight for a clean, safe and healthy river.
When you support the Snake River, you strengthen our ability to reform and improve the many outdated operations that are polluting and depleting this once-mighty river.
Your donation to our Columbia River Basin work will help us force the EPA to finally take action and give wild salmon, steelhead, and Puget Sound orcas a fighting chance at survival.
When you support our Willamette River Basin work, you are helping Advocates for the West force the Army Corps of Engineers to finally implement much-needed improvements to fish passage, habitat conditions, and water quality.
By supporting the Salmon River, you are helping Advocates for the West protect and restore one of the West’s most important remaining free-flowing rivers.
When you support coyotes, you’re helping Advocates for the West force Wildlife Services to reform its archaic and inhumane treatment of this important and misunderstood species.
When you support Pacific Northwest Salmon, you help us do everything we can to bring this keystone species back from the brink of extinction.
Your support of this work will help Advocates for the West fight Wildlife Services’ egregious mistreatment of our wildlife and give the grey wolf a real chance at recovery.
Your support of bighorn sheep helps Advocates for the West protect remaining herds of these magnificent animals across the West.
When you support this cause, you help us continue our long-fought efforts to preserve what remains of the Sagebrush Sea to save sage-grouse and many other sensitive species.
By supporting this work, you become a part of Advocates for the West’s fight to save the West’s irreplaceable National Monuments and conservation areas.
When you support the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, you help Advocates for the West fight to keep this irreplaceable wilderness safe.
When you support Point Reyes National Seashore, you provide Advocates for the West with necessary funding as we continue working with our partners to ensure the public is heard and the Seashore is finally protected for the inspiration and benefit of all.
When you support Quiet Winter Recreation for our Wildlands, you help Advocates for the West force the Forest Service to implement its updated regulations across all national forests in the West.
Thanks to continued support from Friends of Oregon Advocates, we won relief for the fragile Oregon spotted frog and its sensitive aquatic habitat along the Deschutes River and on the Antelope Allotment of the Fremont-Winema National Forest!