WATCH FOR WILDLIFE. © Robert Crow, Greater sage-grouse Advocates for the West works to conserve habitat and more for wildlife in the West »


Advocates for the West fights to safeguard the quality of air in the West » Boise Foothills
GROUNDED. Advocates for the West helps protect 350 million acres of public land in the West» © Mark Lisk, Owyhees
HIGH-WATER MARK. CuMo Mine at Grimes Creek Advocates for the West aims to stop degradations to water in the West »

That’s a real win, win for 30+ conservation partners and 350 million acres of public land in the West.

“I fought to protect Steens Mountain from industrial energy development because it is a sacred place to me, and many other folks. I saw my first prairie falcon swooping along the ridges of Steens back in the 1970s, and I saw my first bighorn sheep there too. I believe this is a wild place that should stay wild.”

Laird LucasExecutive Director

“My favorite work at Advocates for the West so far has been my bighorn sheep litigation. I have been able to put my biology background to use by integrating science and law, and I have worked with an incredible team of experts and clients, including the Nez Perce Tribe. These cases have received a lot of public support, including from non-traditional supporters.”

Laurie RuleSenior Attorney

“I’ll never forget the first time I walked into federal court to argue a case for Advocates for the West. It was 2003, and we were just recently founded. I was in court seeking to protect sage-grouse habitat and populations in Idaho… We won that case, and we have won many more in the intervening 10+ years.”

Todd TucciSenior Attorney

“I started working at Advocates for the West shortly after the CuMo Mine case was filed, and it was my first case. One morning, I received a text from Todd Tucci saying, ‘Congrats on your first victory!’ I thought maybe he was joking, but when I got to the office and read the CuMo opinion, which found that the Forest Service failed to consider potential water quality impacts caused by excessive site drilling, I knew the victory was real.”

Bryan HurlbuttStaff Attorney
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